HNTC Energy Distributed Network
HNTC is the beginning of the Hanergy Carbon in the blockchain field, starting
from 0 to 1. It is the milestone of Hanergy Carbon's layout of clean energy
globalization. The HNTC initial mining ma-chine will be standardized and
produced by Hanergy Carbon. The perfect combination of first-class block-chain
technology and first-class solar products will be the cornerstone of HNTC's
energy distributed trust network. There are three levels of tokens in the HNTC
Energy Distributed Trust Network, as shown in the following figure.
1. HNTC Trust Network Foundation Token
The HNTC token is the basic token in the HNTC Energy
Distributed Trust Network, issued by the Carbon Emission Allowances Foundation Limited,
which acts as a valueintermediary throughout the network.
The HNTC Energy Distributed Network is an open source project that uses the Hanergy Carbon as a starting point to set up standard protocols and expands to the Clean Energy Business Alliance and the Global Clean Energy Alliance.
2. HNTC-Cin HNTC Trust Network
The second type of token in the HNTC Energy Distributed
Trust Network is Carbon Emission Allowances - Corporation (HNTC-C).
3. HNTC-Rin HNTC Trust Network
The third type of token in the HNTC Energy Distributed Trust Network is Carbon
Emission Allow-ance - Regualtion(HNTC-R).
market place
Carbon Assets HNTC-X, Carbon Credit HNTC Trading
Energy saving mining machine
Energy-saving equipment certified to meet HNTC production standards,
Can be used for regenerative energy production and mining of HNTC credits
Clean Energy Mall
A platform for purchasing and redeeming goods with HNTC
End user
Purchase, consumption and users of HNTC mining machines and mall goods
4. A distributed trading network
that combines corporate and individual
carbon reduction
The HNTC distributed trust network defines HNTC, HNTC-R and
HNTC-C on the basis of smart contracts, which combines the
carbon assets and carbon credits of enterprises and i
ndividuals, changes the isolation of various markets from the
technical level, and generates carbon assets. Through
certification, circulation and other links through the smart
contract, the entire life cycle of carbon assets is safely
stored in the distributed trust network, and all the behaviors
in the carbon asset life cycle are bound to the distributed
identity in the network.
HNTC Energy Distributed Network
HNTC energy distributed trust network technology architecture and HNTC
HNTC network architecture layering
The HNTC Trust Network seeks to establish a global
decentralized energy and carbon emissions network,
depending on the application scenario of the HNTC trust
network.The HNTC trust network provides protocol base layer
and application interface such as deposit certificate,
entity authentication, smart contract, distributed data exchange,
and BANC protocol on the basis of the distributed
ledger of the blockchain.
HNTC issuance and application
The total amount of HNTC is 7.5 billion pieces, of which 3.6
billion pieces are initially issued, and 3.85 billion pieces are
mined through energy-saving products by the end of 2050.
HNTC completes the links between business, government,
and individual social layers to promote the globalization of
clean energy
The first batch of HNTC energy
distributed trust network identity
certification companies
● Hanergy Carbon Asset Management (Beijing) Co., Ltd.
Project roadmap
2019 Q1
Start project application scenario design,project demonstration,
technical verification
2019 Q2
Publish White Paper
2019 Q3
Private equity investment, start system development and
community building
2019 Q4
The combination of new energy miner chip research
and development and miner
2020 Q1
HNTC Token Exchange
2020 Q2
The mining machine released, the mall online,
and the official products online
2020 Q3
Mining machine standard released,
clean energy exchange online
2020 Q4
The main chain online, alliance mining machine released,
and alliance products online
2021 Q1
Main chain application online, registration standard
on carbon quota chain
2021 Q2
Carbon quota chain trading system online
2021 Q3
The first batch of carbon allowances actually
chained and completed the transaction
2021 Q4
The first alliance member company
token HNTC -C released
2022 Q4
Become the world's largest clean energy ecosystem
HNTC token allocation mechanism
HNTC distribution rules
Token Name: HNTC
Abbreviation: HNTC
Token Issuer: Carbon Emission Allowances Foundation Limited
Maximum supply: 15 billion to 2050